All of the INSET and courses can be bespoke designed for the individual needs of the school. Delegates can include Senior management teams, Teachers (Experienced and NQT’s), Classroom Support and Teaching Assistants, Lunchtime Supervisors and Parents.

Training and consultancy can be for one whole day, half day, Twilight sessions or a package over a period of time which would include training, consultancy, model teaching, observation and assessment

Behaviour Management: Whole school Policy, Classroom management, Discrete Strategies and Techniques

National courses include:

  1. Instant Classroom Control
  2. Best Behaviour
  3. Behaviour tracking
  4. Behaviour for Learning
  5. Implementing an effective and  consistent behaviour policy
  6. Anger Management
  7. Managing Chronic and Severe behaviour
  8. Managing behaviour with Parents on your side
  9. Put an End to Lunchtime Troubles

Inclusion Activities:

Establishing Learning Support Units, Remove or exclusion Rooms, Building an effective Behaviour Support Team, Creating and Inclusive School and teaching and learning environment

National Courses include:

  1. Including the Excluded
  2. Establishing an effective Learning Support Unit (LSU)
  3. Offsite provision
  4. Alternatives to exclusion

Emotional Literacy:

Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), Creating an Emotionally Literate School, Effective Team Building for Teaching and Support Staff. Emotional Literacy for Parents and Governors

National Courses include:

  1. Establishing SEAL
  2. Embedding SEAL
  3. Assessing Emotional Literacy
  4. Emotional Literacy and Behaviour
  5. Creating the Emotionally literate teaching team

Other In service training (INSET) has included:

  1. Teacher Well Being
  2. Writing Behaviour Plans and Individual Education Plans
  3. Schools working within a cluster or federation to reduce exclusions and behaviour problems

Dave has also worked successfully with County librarians, School Technical and Site staff, Police officers and Parent support services in providing effective advice and training in the management of challenging pupils, children, customers and clients.

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