Dave Stott Behaviour Masterclass

Few things appeal to a teacher more than a calm, attentative class.

And few things are more draining than class disruption. If you’re a school teacher trying to tackle behavioural problems but feeling frustrated and discouraged because you’re taking one stepforward and two steps back, here’s some great news…

Now you can learn powerful, positive responses to challenging
classroom behaviour with this brand new Behaviour Management series.

In this new series of training DVDs, Dave Stott, author, speaker and behaviour management specialist, helps you and your teaching team maintain a safe and productive learning environment in the classroom – and build positive relationships with ‘difficult’ pupils.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience of teachers, and with the use of actors, Dave Stott covers Interactive Skills, Chronic Behaviour Problems and Acute and Severe Behaviour Problems and Secondary SEAL.

He invites audience participation and interaction as he outlines the cause and effect of different behaviours, and encourages teachers to continually practise their responses in different situations.

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Managing Chronic Behaviour Problems DVD
With Dave Stott

How to reduce behaviour problems before they develop further.
With this DVD you learn powerful strategies to:
• reduce incidents of chronic misbehaviour in the classroom
• de-escalate, rather than escalate, the situation
• encourage pupils to make good decisions about behaviour and return to ‘on task’ behaviour

Pupils with chronic behaviour problems interrupt the learning environment and, if not addressed, chronic behaviour problems can escalate into acute and severe problems. This DVD demonstrates behavior strategies for you to deal with this.
Running time 60 minutes

Acute and Severe Behaviour Problems DVD
With Dave Stott

Prevent and manage high-level incidents in the classroom

Severe or acute behaviour problems are one-off high-level incidents that occur infrequently, but are so serious that they can cause teachers to question their own professional competence. Such problems present a high risk of damage to property and also to personal safety.

With this DVD you learn how to:
• deal with acute behaviour situations
• protect yourself from physical and psychological attack
• focus on personal safety for both teacher and pupils
• remove a pupil from the classroom
• use individual behaviour plans
• assess legal implications
• record and report incidences
• assess the risk in any planned response
• adhere to National and School Policy Guidelines

Also included on the DVD are handouts.
Running time: 60 minutes.

Interactive Skills DVD
With Dave Stott

Manage challenging classroom behaviour

This DVD helps you understand challenging behaviour in a classroom situation and shows you how to apply this knowledge to develop a calm and confident teacher response.

Using different styles of approach you learn how to:
• understand the link between emotions and behaviour
• understand how this drives behaviour in different circumstances
• explore instinctive responses and self-calming techniques
• how to use social space, personal space, intimate space, and eye contact
• how to gain attention and take an appropriate calm stance when close to a pupil

Also included on a the DVD are handouts and useful discussion points.
Total running time: 60 minutes.