New Courses/INSET for 2016-17

Here is a list and some brief outlines of CPD/INSET courses I am running in 2016-17. All of the topics can be run as a one day course (recommended), half day or a series of twilight sessions. If you would like to discuss any of the topics or would like to “bespoke” the session for your school, please get in touch using the contact form.

Dealing with Difficult People

The Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Outstanding Behaviour Management

Behaviour: From Policy to Practice

Emotional Literacy

How to end Lunchtime Troubles

On Site Alternative Provisions

The On Task Classroom

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Students with “Attitude”

How do you deal with a student whose verbal and/or non verbal attitudes are simply unacceptable?
I suspect that the three word title to this weeks article will already have stirred some memories of past students or even those you are currently managing during every school day. Unfortunately my guess is that you will be recalling not the student whose behaviour and attitude you find pleasing, helpful and enthusiastic. But more likely we bring to mind the student who can, with just one word or phrase, a shrug or change facial expression, change the whole atmosphere of a classroom and be the trigger which creates a situation that  quickly escalates out of control. Continue reading

Goals, Targets, Rewards and Deferred Gratification

Over forty years ago, in the 1960’s, research was carried out at Stanford University in the USA into how the mental processes of some people allowed them to delay gratification, whilst others simply surrendered to their impulses and/or needs.

Known now as the “Marshmallow Test” more than 600 pre school age children were presented with a marshmallow and told that it was theirs and they could eat it when they liked. However, they were also told that the researcher was going to leave the room for several minutes and when he returned, if they had not eaten the first marshmallow, then they could have another. Continue reading