Whole School Behaviour Strategy 26th January 2012

Dave will be chairing the 3rd annual Whole-School Behaviour Strategy conference on January 26th 2012. This conference will outline your legal obligations and help you to translate the new guidelines of the Education Bill into practice. This conference will equip you with best-practice methods for embedding a cohesive approach to engaging pupils, managing their disruptive behaviour and reducing poor attendance. Key topics at this event include:
  • Clarifying teachers’ rights and responsibilities under the Education Bill
  • Understanding what constitutes ‘reasonable force’ to ensure teachers maximise the available freedoms without infringing safeguarding requirements
  • Improving relationships with parents to ensure they are recognising their child’s disruptiveness, valuing education and creating a disciplined home environment that supports school policies and procedures
  • Practical classroom strategies for tackling low-level disruption and creating engaging, well-pitched lessons that improves pupils concentration and limits poor behaviour
  • Reinstating adult authority in the classroom
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