How to end lunchtime troubles

Complete in house training programme to help improve lunchtimes with everything you need to undertake an audit, set up training activities and create an action plan. This very practical resource was developed following requests from primary, secondary and special schools on how to better the lunchtime experience for both staff and pupils. Staff were concerned about chaotic dining rooms, problem behaviour on the playground, poorly trained and demotivated lunchtime staff as well as teaching staff having to deal with problems which begin during the lunch break and spill over into afternoon lesson time.

Using How to End Lunchtime Troubles will enable you to objectively review your current lunchtime systems and activities. It will help you to identify concerns, which may include:

  • Inappropriate and poorly maintained play areas
  • ‘Hot spot’ times and locations both inside and outside the building
  • Staff induction and development issues
  • Respond to the views and needs of both staff and pupils
  • Provide effective training for all staff involved in the lunchtime experience
  • Link behaviour management systems used in the classroom to the lunch break
  • Review child-led and adult-led activities during the lunch breakavailable, rules, routines and systems, the environments, incidents, activities, health and safety. All information is collated and analysed then used to decide the next step.

CD-Rom including the full PowerPoint presentation, questionnaires, activity sheets and other useful documents.

ISBN: 978-1-907370-26-7

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